“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have captured forever... remembers little things long after you have forgotten the moment.”

Aaron Siskind, American Photographer

I’ve always believed in keeping it simple. It’s a lesson I learned long before I ever picked up a camera.  As a former journalist, I realized that simple words can produce strong emotions, and I’ve taken that feeling with me into my photography. I discovered my love for wedding photography after being asked to shoot a friend’s ceremony and reception, and I quickly started filling my weekends with weddings. I attribute the distinctive look of my work to my unwillingness to categorize what wedding photographs “should” look like.

For me, I keep things simple—beautiful lighting, the little details that make your day, and the realization that there are no rules. I have been shooting weddings long enough to know what a “good” photograph should be:  composition, the importance of friends and family, and the truth in telling a story that will be long lasting. When someone holds an image in their hands later on, I want to make sure that they feel themselves in it. 

Wedding photography is meant to be creative and strong, but it’s also about the simple things that happen that day:  dad’s reaction when he first sees you; the emotional moments of reciting your vows; grandma’s dance with her 8-year old grandson; and the look, the glance, and the realization that the decision to spend the rest of your lives together feels so good!