2013 LPGA Championship

The 2013 LPGA Championship was held in June in Rochester. This is a special event for me, because, like last year, my son, Chris, was able to get me a press pass to shoot the final round of the tournament. Chris is working part time as a sports writer at the Livingston Country News, a weekly newspaper in Geneseo, NY, and we got to do this assignment together. It was a perfect day to shoot, and the excitemenet of the tournament made this a lot of fun to do. Chris is all about sports; he lives and breathes sports of all kinds, and he is a passionate writer who has a natural gift of story telling. It was a pleasure and forever memorable to do this together. 

Rochester has been hosting an LPGA tournament stop at Locust Hill Country Club since the mid 1970s, and the LPGA Championship, one of the women's major tournamemts, for the last several years. This year was especially exciting as U.S. player Morgan Pressel led going into the final day of play. The tough Locust Hill course got the better of her, and the number one women's golfer, Imbee Park, took control of the tournament. In the final holes of the games, Imbee Park lost some of her momentum and ended the 18 hole in a tie with Scottish player, Catriona Matthew, resulting in a three hole sudden death. In the end, Park took the championship and her second major of the year. 

For me, this was absolutely not about who won. After all, neither Chris or I are followers of women's golf. This was one of those "priceless" moments of father and son that you can never replace.

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