95th PGA Championship

The PGA Championship was held at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, August 5-11, 2013.  It was amazing to have the best golfers in the world right here in Rochester, and it was an awesome event.  I was especially happy to share this experience with my two sons, Chris and Kevin, and my wife, Peggy.  We particiated in the fours days of the tournament and also the three days of practice rounds before the tournament started.  

During the practice rounds, you are allowed to bring in cameras, and so during the three days of practice rounds, I dragged around my camera for some close up shots of the golfers.  On Monday, the day most of the attached photos were taken, I was able to borrow a 300mm lens with a teleconverter, resulting in the equivalent of a 600mm lens. This is a very heavy piece of glass to carry around, and it gave me a better understanding what sports photographers go through on a daily basis. As you can imagine, I was in my glory with this lens.  This is a $6,000 piece of equipment, so to have it in my possession even for a short period of time, made me feel like a real big shot (so to speak!). 

During the actual tournament, cameras by non-press people were not allowed, so it meant enjoying the experience of the PGA. This was a very memorable event to share with my boys, who are huge sports enthusiasts.  Chris was actually working the tournament on a press pass with the Livingston County News, where he was working for part of the summer.  Chris had the opportunity to interview Phil Michelson, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and the eventual winner and runner up, Jason Dufner and Jim Furyk.  For Chris, as a future great sports writer, this was an especially memorable event. 

I was very happy to attend the PGA.  Every day was better than the day before.  The crowds were outstanding and the volunteers did an awesome job controlling the flow of people around Oak Hill and just being great!  This was one of those events I will remember for a long time, and to have the opportunity to take my camera for first three days was even better! 

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