Amanda and Josh ROCKED it!

Amanda and Josh chose Bristol Harbour Resort, overlooking Canandaigua Lake, for their wedding ceremony and reception. This was wedding extraordinaire with a lot of laughs and cherished memories that made for a spectacular day. Josh and Amanda met several years ago from their mutual interest in hockey, and hockey also took center stage on their wedding day. Amanda is a Buffalo Sabres fan and Josh is a fan of the New Jersey Devils. When I shot their engagement photos in September, we used jerseys from their two favorite teams in many of the shots we took. As well, at the conclusion of their marriage vows, hockey sticks formed an arch for them to walk through--one from the Sabres and one from the Devils!

As their photographer, I began shooting several hours before the wedding. Josh and Amanda reserved two of the cottages on the property for wedding prep and relaxation before the ceremony. It was fun to spend time with both of them--bouncing back and forth between cottages--and with members of their wedding party before the festivities began. Bristol Harbour is a beautiful location for an outdoor wedding ceremony, and the view of Canadaigua Lake is amazing. Although Amanda had a beautiful start to her day, clouds and the potential for rain moved in as it got closer to the start of her 5:00 ceremony. Thunder in the distance made everyone nervous, and the ceremony was delayed about 15 minutes until the decision to move forward was made. A good decision indeed. Not a drop of rain fell and everything went off without a hitch, including a lot of tears and some great laughs.

After the wedding, we had a blast shooting their family photos; their wedding party, include the pyramid of the guys; and then shots of the couple. It was obvious this was a spirited group, looking to celebrate in style with their friends. And, celebrate they did! An amazing reception, filled with great speeches, wonderful food, and late-night dancing that finished off their day in style.

This was a photographer's dream wedding, and I was thrilled to work with both Josh and Amanda. See some of their photos below and the entire collection can be viewed in the client section here.


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