Baseball's Hall of Fame, Class of 2014

Attending the Baseball of Fame inductions is one of those "must do" events. I was fortunate to have an upclose view of the inductions and to take in all the activities and great speeches. The Class of 2014 included some of baseball's greats:  300-game winners Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, slugger Frank Thomas, and managers Joe Torre, Bobby Cox and Tony LaRussa. Approximately 48,000 fans attended the inductions at the Clark Sports Center in baseball-famous Cooperstown, NY under beautiful skies. It was especially great to experience the inductions with my two sons, Chris and Kevin, who were both on press passes from their perspective newspaper work.

I am not a huge baseball fan, but you can't help but be anything else but on this day. There is so much exitement in the air, many devoted and supportive fans, and great spirit everywhere. Obviously, the speeches are at the center of the inductions.  Here's a part of the speech from Greg Maddux:

"It's obviously the biggest honor you can give to a ballplayer," said Maddux. "To put me here in Cooperstown with all of my childhood heroes, it's sort of hard to believe I'm standing here today. I never gave a thought to the Hall of Fame as I was going through my career. My goal as a baseball player was very simple -- all I wanted to do was try and get better for my next start. And to think it all ended up here is pretty cool."

It was awesome to be present at this year's Hall of Fame inductions.  

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