Matt and Hannah Celebrate Family-Style!

The best part of any wedding is experiencing the love of family. And, that's just what Matt and Hannah wanted on their wedding day--a family event with a lot of love and great, cherished memories!

Matt and Hannah were married at the beautiful Third Presbyterian Church on the corner of Meigs Street and East Avenue. It's always a special treat to be in this church with its gorgeous architecture and wonderful light. There are so many corners of this church that are great for photography, and the view from the balcony is as spectacular as you can find. Check out those impressive wood beams!

Hannah and Matt met in college and they knew they wanted to spend more time with each other than just over books and papers. Studying together worked for a while, but building a life with one another seemed the better and more exciting approach to take. And, so came September 13 and the gathering of their families for their wedding celebration and awesome reception.

What you have to love about Hannah is her great expressions and natural smile; she is very easy and fun to be with, and her friends and family embrace her warmth and great sense of humor and laugh. I don't think Hannah stopped smiling all day--and not just when she was in front of the camera! True, Hannah and Matt made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable on their wedding day. They were engaging and just plain fun to be with. Their wedding ceremony was beautiful, but even more beautiful was the love they shared with each other and their families. Everyone should laugh and enjoy their wedding day, and that's exactly what Hannah and Matt did!

Onto the reception and a delicious BBQ from Sticky Lips! When I heard that's what they were planning, I knew this party was going to be a good time. Their reception at Allendale Columbia School was perfect in so many ways. Who doesn't enjoy a good BBQ? This was so much fun, and everyone, young and old, loved it! All their guests quickly put on the bibs that were provided and started digging in to the delicious ribs and chicken. Like every wedding, the traditional cake cutting is a highlight of the evening. Well, Hannah and Matt took this one step further. No cake! Instead, Abbott's Frozen Custard provided a ice cream sundae buffet that was the talk of the evening, complete with every kind of topping you can imagine. OMG! The sundae bar was set up on the quad at Allendale Columbia, decorated with beautiful lighting--all against a gorgeous, gorgeous fall night. Dancing into the evening followed, including Hannah in a great pair of pink sneaker!

It was a pleasure to be part of Matt and Hannah's wedding celebration. They're off to start their lives together in the Buffalo area where they will plan their futureā€¦no doubt, with a lot of laughs! See below for more highlights of their day.

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