The Mighty Jayhawks!

This week is the start of one of my favorite times of the year--March Madness! And, with this year's first round almost finish, it looks to be another great college basketball tournament--with all the suprises and upsets. One of the reason for this excitement is that I am a proud graduate of the University of Kansas, five-time NCAA Champions.  This year the Jayhawks are ranked number two in the south region after a 24-9 season. March Madness is a topic of conversation in my house all year long, and we look forward to the games, the brackets, and all the discussions. 

In early March as the regular season came to an end, we attended the West Virginia/Kansas game, held in the impressive WVU coliseum--our third game there. Our son, Kevin, is a junior at WVU, and this was an event we had been looking forward to for a long time. For me, this was the first time I've seen the Jayhawks play in person since my college days when I was a young photographer shooting from the sidelines. Back then, KU was not the team they are now, nor did the tournament have the excitment it has today.

It was awesome to be in the coliseum, with a sea of Mountaineer yellow and blue. I know I drive my family crazy when I bring my camera and three lens along on an outing like this, but I couldn't help myself. This was an event that needed to be recorded for the memory books. Although I knew I would never be able to get down on the court like in my college days, I still got a few decent shots from our seats and by making one quick trip to the front row. Kevin is a writer for the Daily Anthenaeum, WVU's daily newspaper, and you can read the highlights of the game here. Great job, Kevin! Despite Kansas's disappointing 92-86 loss, freshman standout Andrew Wiggins had an aweome game with a record 41 points for the Jayhawks. 

I will always be a die-hard Kansas fan, but it was actually fun to see the Mountaineers win this one. At the end, the WVU students stormed the court to celebrate their victory.  It was great to see the enthusiasm as they sang their signature song "Take Me Home County Roads!"  For me, I got to see my hero, KU Coach Bill Self, in action and a lot of great basketball, making it all very exciting and very memorable. Below are a few of my favorite shots from the game.

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