Scott and Kyle get ready for May 2015!

Scott and Kyle are very excited about their May 2015 wedding--they should be, they're a wonderful young couple with a great life ahead of them!

Kyle was hoping for a winter backdrop for--as she called them--her "practice photos." The idea of freshly fallen snow was going to be ideal, and we were looking forward to making this work. However, as it happens, mother nature didn't cooperate, and instead we got a very sunny, almost fall-like day for shooting. Scott and Kyle traveled from their homes in Albany for these photos, so we were going to have fun despite the lack of snow. The sun in early December can be very bright, and because the leaves are off the trees, we struggled to find some shade and a cozy spot for photos. Nonetheless, we had a blast. Ultimately, we found some good spots that worked well, and we had a lot of laughs together. Kyle's choice of a bright red dress was awesome! And, if we only had that snow, the red color would have been even more spectacular!

I know Scott and Kyle's wedding will be filled with a lot of love and many cherished memories. I look forward to being part of their day! Check out some of my favorites from our "practice photo" session!

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