Stephen and Catherine get married!

My nephew, Stephen, and his fiance, Catherine, were married on October 20, 2012. There's nothing better than a family wedding, and I was very proud to be their official photographer! Stephen and Catherine were married at the Immaculate Conception Church in East Aurora and the reception was held in downtown Buffalo. Stephen is the son of my wife's sister, Mary Jo, and her husband, Paul. Stephen was raised in East Auora, and Catherine, whose parents are from Sri Lanka, was raised in Toronto. The couple are both in their medical residency programs at hospitals in Buffalo.

Despite a very rainy, cold fall day, Stephen and Catherine had a great day. Although we didn't get photos outside--it really poured all day--we made up for it in other ways, including a stop at the McDonalds drive thru! You can view all of their photos in the "Clients" section of my site. This was a party that went into the night with a lot of dancing, and there are many candid shots to share here. 

Best wishes to both Stephen and Catherine on your new life together!


Our candid and unobtrusive style keeps the spotlight on the bride and groom, without taking away from the celebration.videographer nyc

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