Three Brides: One Weekend

For full time photographers, a three wedding weekend--a triple play--might be typical, but for me, it was a first. The last weekend in August 2012, I worked with Sam and Anton, Nicolette and Matt, and Emily and Waseem--three awesome couples who were a lot of fun to work with and who each had very memorable wedding days. Some of their photos are at the bottom of this blog, and you can view the whole set of each of their weddings in the "Clients" section of my site.

Sam and Anton got married at Ventosa Winery in Geneva on Friday night, August 24. It was an incredible day! Sam and her attendants started the week early by renting a cottage on Seneca Lake, where they enjoyed their time together before the wedding. I arrived at the cottage at 1:30 for the 5:00 wedding and shot the preparation photos of Sam and her attendants getting ready. Sam's friends were a  lot of fun to work with, and Sam never stopped smiling all day! There is nothing better than working with a bride who is excited about her day, laughs and smiles a lot, and enjoys every minute of the day. Believe it or not, it doesn't always happen that way. My biggest challenge with shooting the wedding came when I discovered that the ceremony site on the grounds of Ventosa would be facing directly into the hot setting sun. And, boy, was it hot!  Wow! In order to take advantage of the sun, I bracketed several shots and processed the digital photos using High Dymanic Range (HDR), bringing together the different camera settings I used. I think it worked really well, and one of those photos is shown below. First wedding:  great couple, great wedding, awesome time!  

Nicolette and Matt got married at Radisson Riverside Hotel downtown Rochester on Saturday, August 25. What an awesome couple, a fun wedding party, and a terrific day! One of my favorite photos of Nicolette is shown above. I started shooting about 11:30 for Nicolette's 4:00 wedding and spent a couple of hours working with the bride and her attendants at the Scott Miller Hair Salon in Webster. Nicolette's two sisters, Aubrey and Lindsay, were her honor attendants, and her closest friends, Heather, Eva, Katie, Kristen and Amy, were her bridesmaid. Nicolette's attendants were a lot of fun to work with. We had fun shooting the photos in the hair salon--many, many laughs that really started the day off right! Matt wanted me to meet up with him and the other guys before the wedding at Murphy's Law, a tavern in downtown Rochester. I'm always a little hesitant about shooting the guys before a wedding, because men don't typically like having their pictures taken.  However, Matt and his attendants were great, and I ended up shooting over 100 photos of the guys relaxing and enjoying their time together, pictures I really love. Nicolette and Matt's wedding and reception at the Radisson was great! They really enjoyed all their guests, they danced into the night, and they just had a blast together. I left the reception around 11:00 pm. A long day, but so much fun with a fantastic couple. Second wedding:  awesome people, great photos that show a lot of fun, excellent time!

For my third and final wedding of the weekend, Emily and Waseem chose the Conesus Lake Country Club for their wedding and reception on Sunday, August 26. Emily is originally from Livonia and Waseem is from Pakistan. The couple now live in Australia. Emily and Waseem's actual wedding ceremony was held in his homeland in the spring, but they both wanted to have an American wedding for Emily's family and friends. Emily did not want any preparation photos, and when I arrived at Emily's parents' house at noon, she was in her wedding dress ready to go! We spent several hours before the wedding shooting at a couple of different locations in Livonia and Hemlock. Emily and Waseem were very comfortable in front of the camera, and they really seemed to enjoy this part of their day. Their outdoor wedding was beautiful and the bright blue sky reminded everyone of how great it is to have a summer wedding. Emily's parents, Dave and Camille, were wonderful hosts, and it was a pleasure to be there to celebrate Emily and Waseem's wedding day! Third wedding:  wonderful couple, great family, fun time had by all!

I survived my three wedding weekend! Thanks to Sam and Anton, Nicolette and Matt, and Emily and Wassem and their wedding parties for being great people to work with and for their patience in helping me survive the weekend! I had a great time at each of your weddings. Much happiness in your lives together!


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