Top Photos for 2013

Pam Sherman's recent column in the Democrat & Chronicle about the "best of" in 2013 sparked me to look at the photos I did this past year and come up with my own collection of "best ofs."  This has been a great year for me with photography.  I had 14 pano pictures published in the D&C, which led to three photos on their 2014 calendar. I took third place in the Life in the Finger Lakes magazine's annual photo contest--the first contest I've entered since my college years. I also had a great year with wedding, engagement and senior photos.  In addition, I participated in several of the Rochester Area Nature Photography "Meet Up" group field trips, resulting in some nice photos.  The meet up group is a great way get to know other Rochester photographers and to shoot at different locations around the Finger Lakes. More information about the meet up group can be found at; the one-time membership fee is $5--yes, $5! Paul, the guy who leads the group and organizes the trips, is awesome and so are the photographers who participate in the trips.

The year 2013 was sort of a break through year for me in terms of putting more emphasis on my photo work and just having fun taking pictures. Having a full time job, a busy family, and other outside activities, I'm glad I could make my passion of photography work better this year. 

So, here are what I consider my best work this year:

1. The close up shot of Tiger Woods (above) taken during the PGA practice rounds at Oak Hill County Club is by far my favorite shot of 2013.  I really enjoyed being at the PGA and sharing it with my very sports-oriented boys and my wife, who was a good sport about tagging along for seven days of the practice rounds and tournament. 

The rest of the photos are found below:

2. The shot of the Hemlock Barn was taken in March as winter was turning to spring and a perfect time of the day with the setting afternoon sun.  This is a HDR enhanced photo and won third place in the digital altered category in Life in the Finger Lakes photo contest.  

3. The Outer Banks in North Carolina taken at an early morning sunrise. 

4. The photo of the Wingate Barn was taken out the back window of my house in Livonia as the enormous summer cloud came into view.  

5. The small house in a cornfield was taken in late winter.  The house is located on Hunts H0llow Road in Naples, NY on the road to Honeoye Lake. 

6. Also on Hunts Hollow Road in Naples is this winter scene with the barn (taken on a differnt day as #5). I liked the wind turbines in the background and just how simple this scene is.  It was too good to pass up. 

7. A sunrise at Webster Pier. One place in Rochester where at certain times of the year you can view a sunset and a sunrise on any given day. This is was part of a shoot with the Rochester Meet Up group.  I love the colors from the sky.  

8. Upper Falls at Letchworth State Park after a winter snow fall.

9. A summer sunrise in a Lima, NY wheat field. 

10. Sunset at Cobbs Hill with the Rochester skyline.

11. A bee from a fall shoot at Lake Ontario.  

12. A winter sunset at Webster Pier, Webster, NY.

13. Train setting in Johnsonburg, PA. 

14. Apples in winter in Livonia, NY

15. A lilac from Highland Park in the spring. This is a great place to shoot in the spring.

16. A barn outside Lima, NY with the afternoon sun.

Of the weddings I shot this year, I want to include these three shots:

1.  I really enjoyed working with Shawn and Courtney. They are a fantastic couple and their families were so much fun to work with.

2.  Jeff and Paige had an awesome wedding in Paige's backyard in Honeoye Falls, NY in early September. This is an HDR shot from seven shots stitched together.  

3.  Katie, as you have read in one of my other blogs, is my niece. She was so beautiful on her wedding day, and it is always fun to do a family wedding. 

Engagement photos:

1. Josh and Amanda were great fun to work with.  I loved their set of photos and the sun, as in this shot, really was in my favor.

2. Chris and Christina was also a lot of fun to work with and they were great with the camera.  


I want to include these two family shots from this year:  

1. My wife and I had a great, great, great time in the Outer Banks and this shot sums it up.  

2. Our son, Chris's, graduation from Susquehanna University.  I asked a passerby to take this classic photo of us.  

On to 2014!  Thanks for reading!


Some really great work here, Scott!

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