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Paradise Revisited

A recent return to North Carolina's Outer Banks meant another great week of shooting. We had perfect weather with beautiful clouds and awesome sunrises and sunsets. With the way OBX is situated you can see great sunrises on the ocean side and incredible sunsets on the sound side, all within a ten minute walk. I try to shoot different loacations on these visits, and this time I focused on the Bodie and Cape Hatteras lighthouses and also sunrises at Frisco Pier. The pier was damaged heavily from 2011's Hurricane Irene. See my highlights below.

Top Photos for 2013

Pam Sherman's recent column in the Democrat & Chronicle about the "best of" in 2013 sparked me to look at the photos I did this past year and come up with my own collection of "best ofs."  This has been a great year for me with photography.  I had 14 pano pictures published in the D&C, which led to three photos on their 2014 calendar. I took third place in the Life in the Finger Lakes magazine's annual photo contest--the first contest I've entered since my college years. I also had a great year with wedding, engagement and senior photos.

North Carolina's Outer Banks

Several years ago, my wife was reading an article about America's top beaches and learned that the beach on Ocracoke Island, in North Carolina's Outer Banks, was on that list of top spots.  So, we decided to make it our family vacation that year to check it out.  That was 2007, and since then we have made four trips to the Outer Banks, each time appreciating even more the island's beauty.  We love the simplicity of the Outer Banks, the laid-back, relaxing, and non-commercial nature of what we have come to know as "paradise."